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Why you shouldn’t hire a house cleaning service

Do not hire a cleaning company

As I get older, I see more and more of my friends using house cleaning services. It works great for them, but it has never really been my thing. Recently, I talked to a couple of my friends about their house cleaning services and they had some good points, but at the end of the day, it’s just not for me. Some of the reasons I’d advise on holding off on hiring a cleaning company include:

You Can Save Money by Not Hiring One

This is probably the most obvious argument against hiring a house cleaning service. You can expect to shill out a couple hundred a week, and that’s just for a routine cleaning. If you have special projects, like window treatments, or floor waxing, you will have to spend a little more.

By skipping on the house cleaner, you can easily save at least $500. That’s  $500 a month that you could be spending on something else, or better yet, saving. Getting rid of your house cleaning service will of course add a little more responsibility on you, but to me, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

There is Little to No Learning Curve

Not only is every house different, every person and every house cleaning service is different as well. You probably have a certain way you like your house cleaned, or certain products you like used, which might not be the standard way that the house cleaning service does it. This means you will have to take the time to show them how you like it done and give them a couple of opportunities to get it right. Whereas if you clean yourself, you could do it the way you like it every time and not have to worry about being unhappy with the result. And if you are unhappy, well, you have no one to blame but yourself. I know this might sound irritating but at least you’re not spending money to hire professionals and then still being unhappy with what you get.

Cleaning Can be Good Exercise

A thorough floor to ceiling and wall to wall cleaning can be a great workout. Mopping sweeping vacuuming and scrubbing can all really get the heart pumping. It doesn’t sounds like a lot of first but once you’re cleaning you will feel it. Most Americans do not get the right amount of exercise, and the reason is that they just don’t have the time. Cleaning can be an easy way to sneak it into your day while still being productive.

You Are Not Alone in Your House

This won’t apply to everybody, but odds are you are not the only person living in your house. Whether you have a roommate or husband wife children, or whoever else, you are not the only one that has to do all of the cleaning. Splitting up the chores can be a great way to get all of the housework done without overburdening a single person.

This especially applies to those with children. As bad as it might sound, children are great for cleaning the house. It teaches them responsibility and other life lessons at a young age.

It’s Good for Kids to See You Clean

Speaking of kids, seeing you clean will also teach them responsibility. It will teach them that you have to clean up after yourself in life and that someone won’t always be there to clean up after you. Kids growing up with housekeepers clean may also be unprepared for when they move out by themselves and cannot afford a house cleaner. Teaching and incorporating kids into your cleaning routine can be beneficial for both of you. You will have less work to do and your kids be able to learn responsibility and cleanliness.

You Don’t Need One With Mr. Cleaning

Lastly, there is simply no need for a house cleaning service. I have found a site, MrCleaning, that will show you how to clean up all sorts of messes. It is an all around great site, and can be used by anyone. You can take charge of your own house cleaning with the help of Mr. Cleaning.

Growing a Beard: Everything Detailed On Grooming Adepts

growing a beard

Every man has thought about their beards and how they can grow them. Just like the hair on your head, beards needs special maintenance and its environment catered for if you are looking for proper growth. While the internet is filled with every information regarding beards, searching doesn’t give better results than having one place where all the man’s beard questions meet the answers. After reading through what Grooming Adepts has to offer on growth and maintenance, here are some of the things I thought every man should know.

Can you grow a beard?

According to GroomingAdepts.com, yes, every man can grow a beard as long as there is capacity for it. Some of us reach the adulthood phase with no or few hairs protruding from their faces. That needs a physician to explain the genetics behind beard growth, but most men will have a beard once they are fully grown.

The question of how thick and fast it can grow is based on the genetics. If you know that your family tree had issues with growing facial hair, then don’t be troubled to look for numerous solutions. Just give yourself time. Also, if you are under 21, there is no way you are going to realize a mature phase of beard growth. Wait until you are about 24-25 years and above, then you will judge from the surprises that come along.

One mistake that you can do, (and most of us have probably done it) is comparing your beard to the next guy. Earlier, I mentioned something to do with the genes which means that you don’t share that with what you are looking at.

When do you start noticing the beards?

According to the Adepts, facial hair is seen during puberty, and the occurrence is again dependent on what the genes dictate. The darkening of the chin can start at 15 and go on to becoming a hair infested area. If you are at that point and there is nothing, wait until you are around 18 years of age.

Thickening of the beard starts between the late teen ages to early twenties. So, don’t be disappointed if the hair is sparse at a young age. When you notice that more hair keeps coming, that is where the growth concern should start to bother you.

How long it takes

Other than the genes factor, the length that you want to achieve and the fullness are other issues at play. For the short ones, a little time is required to do it. The long ones call for years of service whether your hair grows fast or not.

When you look at the beard growth cycle, the best chance of growing facial hair is when you are between the ages of 25-35 years. During such time, the hair is undergoing the longest phase of development (the anagen phase) which means maximum growth will take place during the period. If your genes prohibit faster growth, you can’t tamper with that, but you can change how you care and maintain your beard. It creates favorable conditions for growth to take place.

Among the things you can do is having a good sleep, exercising a lot and ensure that you have a balanced diet with the necessary nutrition. Proteins are essential to hair growth so always consider that.

Steps of how to grow a beard

I will not go deep into the details since Grooming Adepts has everything you need to know about growing a beard. Here is a summary of the sequential steps:

  • Whether it takes the longest time or short, just accept that it will come when it’s time.
  • Start by having proteins and vitamins vital for beard growing.
  • Sooth and condition the beard using the necessary products.
  • Tweeze ingrown hairs that appear in freshly sprouting stubble.
  • Clean your beard using shampoo to reduce itchiness.
  • Trim the stray hairs away as the beard continues to grow but don’t overdo it.
  • It is now time to start styling the beard.

Grooming Adepts digs in the beard issues affecting men as it goes on to explain the hair cycle and how to grow the beard in some ways. Visit the page to see what else you can to the beard knowledge and gain more if you are looking forward to owning one.