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Roomba: The New Age in Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Picture yourself on a nice vacation somewhere nice and warm. You thought about everything a pet sitter your tickets, but who is going to clean the house? Well the Roomba’s only requirement is a little electricity for payment which takes little electric at all. Roomba can do all the vacuuming and you don’t even have to send him a payment. The only thing he requires is a little electricity for payment which takes little electric at all.

Measuring 13 ¾” high and weighing only 6 lbs. this new high tech device has been around for awhile now and people are out buying them. These cute little robot discs are such a pleasure to have around the house. Some units can vacuum your home and then return to the unit for charging. The only thing you have to do is dump the container that the dust is stored in that’s it. It can go on hardwood flooring as well as carpet.

And it has sensors built in that can detect which area has more dust and it uses more sucking power on hard spots. The Roomba can run all the time day or night it never complains or says “you do it”. It can go anywhere except up the stairs which they are probably working on that for the next model. It can easily go under hard to reach spots like the couch and the bed.

Its built in sensors will not allow is to cross any open areas wide as 20 feet. The Roomba is smart it can navigate around any foreign obstacles; it has a protective bumper and is guided around the room with infrared sensors, really high tech.Roomba Floor Vac Robot doesn’t need any cords or batteries to buy. It is a rechargeable floor cleaner that moves around in a circular motion to clean up dirt, dust, spilled food material etc.

Roomba Intelligent Floor Vac Robot is now under $200 that’s right! There is perfect with people with asthma if you can’t have a room with a lot of dust in it do to allergies to dust then let the little guy go in there for you first and clean his little head off. People with disabilities can benefit now being able to get more of the house cleaning done with little or no effort. Nothing can substitute for the power of some of these upright models, but the Roomba is worth the money and gets the job done fast and efficiently. With side mounted brushes it can thoroughly clean ride next to an adjacent wall.

Roomba Intelligent Floor Vac Robot: On a single charge of the NiMH battery that comes with the vac, your Roomba Floor vac robot enough strength and power to clean up to three huge rooms. The Fast Charger (IR108, order separately) makes Roomba Floor vac robot ready in as soon as two hours. Extra battery available can be purchased online (IR106, order separately).

My only complaint is that you can’t find it in stores like Wal-Mart yet I checked at my local Wal-Mart and didn’t find any at all. I was forced to purchase my model on the internet. I was not a waste of my money though because I was more than satisfied. Upon opening it from the box my excitement was too much to bare. Being not the type who likes to vacuum my house this product is more then welcome to live in my home.

You hear that in some cases people becoming attached to their vac and giving it names. Well I never went that far, but as for talking to it I didn’t, but I thanked god! Once I plugged in the model and fully charged the vac it was ready to go! It swirled around my living room and cleaned and danced which also kept my cats entertained for hours.

I had so much extra time to do other grueling chores like laundry when are they going to come up with a robot that does that? And the dishes please even though you only have to load it talk about a waste of time. Well after the vac had cleaned three large rooms like it says it can I started to charge it. I couldn’t wait for it to be done charging so I could do it all again. I really like my new Roomba and I can’t believe that I lived without it for so long, speaking about so long I think I’m going to retire the old vac believe me its time I did. All I can say is defiantly try this product out you get a 90-day warranty and I know that once you see it go to work you won’t believe that something so small can do so much.