BISSELL Symphony Vac And Steam Review

BISSELL Symphony Vac And Steam

The Symphony Vac and Steam by BISSELL is a dual threat cleaning unit with a 2 in 1 steam mop and vacuum best utilized for even the toughest dirt and stains on tile and hardwood floors.

BISSELL Symphony Vac And Steam Review

BISSELL Symphony Vac

Innovative Vac & Steam Assembly

The device employs a revolutionary core design that generates a plentiful amount of heat to mop even when the vacuum is running at full force.

Digital Control Panel

A frustration-free, easy to control interface allows the person using it to toggle between vacuum and steam, or engage both at once to maximize its potential.

Dry Tank Component

The technology incorporated into the tank guarantees that its contents are kept dry, even while vacuuming and steaming at the same time.

5-Way Handle

With an adjustable, 5-way handle, the vacuum caters to individuals of all sizes, and allows you to calibrate it to the height with which you are most comfortable.

Removable Mop Pad Tray

To change out the mop pad, a tray is quickly released with a simple step on the lip.

First Impressions

safePulling the BISSELL Symphony Vac out of the box, I was immediately cognizant of how light the unit was at an easily manageable ten pounds. It carries just enough weight to wield it with authority, without it becoming a strain on your arm. The device has a uniform color scheme that is not flashy or bright, but as shiny as the floors they render spotless.

When firing it up, the power of the cyclonic vacuum is recognized in seconds, as it picks up even stubborn debris effortlessly. Though the act of vacuuming and steaming in unison initially seemed difficult, in actuality it is a logical and fulfilling exercise that cuts cleaning time in half. The heater warms up in less than a minute so steaming can be carried out quickly. As the tank sucks up any dirty mess it encounters, using the mop simultaneously to steam the floors is a wonder as the process clears and sanitizes each space it goes over. Alternating between vacuum, steam, or both is a seamless transition because the options are right at your fingertips. Since the click of the buttons are gentle, if you need to switch back and forth between the choices it is a non-issue. The high and low steam settings for the mop are advantageous for tackling big or small spills. This is also a worthwhile feature in case your flooring cannot handle a lot of heat and needs a more agreeable temperature.

A marvel of the Symphony is its tank, which stays bone dry even when the steaming component is being used with regularity. The ability for the tank to avoid the accumulation of moisture makes emptying it out a non-messy action and allows you to get back to work as soon as possible. The chamber of this cordless steam mops can hold a large amount of contents, which is a benefit to someone like me who prefers to only empty it in the trash periodically. A mop tray that slides out with the tap of your toe is an added bonus and is equally as convenient to swap in fresh pads. One of the luxuries that comes along with the mop pads is that they are machine washable, so repeated use is encouraged. This also cuts down on cleaning cost budget since acquiring new pads is a rarity.

In addition to how simple the BISSELL is to lift, one of its most valuable attributes is that it can fit into tight corners that I have had to ignore for years because my old, out of date vacuum was too large. It cleans corners swiftly, and the adjustable handle can be extended if you need some added length. Moreover, the long cord eliminates the frustrating problem of having to unplug the unit every single time you move on to a new area. When the Symphony is not in use, it requires very little storage space, as the handle can be broken down further if need be. It should also be mentioned that the BISSELL functions at its finest when it is paired with additional elements to enhance the cleaning experience. These come in the form of scent waters and freshening discs that destroy foul odors and make your home smell magnificent. Mop pads that have a rougher surface than the normal soft texture of the originals can also be obtained if you desire to have more scrubbing capability when steaming. This is particularly helpful on uneven flooring or panels that are not as smooth as tile.


  • Safe to use on a wealth of surfaces including linoleum, ceramic, tile, hardwood, granite and marble
  • Eliminates over 90% of bacteria and germs from its high temperature steam capability
  • Tank capacity of almost 13 ounces, ensuring that it can be operated numerous times before it requires emptying
  • 11 inch width of vacuum creates a generous cleaning path
  • Comes with 4 mop pads so steaming can be done right out of the box
  • 25 foot cord length provides ample freedom to navigate the vacuum even in far off, hard to reach places
  • Takes just 30 seconds to warm up the heater
  • High and low steam settings to adhere to different types of messes


  • Scent waters for a demineralized solution for steaming necessitate an additional purchase
  • Freshening discs for mop pads will need to be routinely replaced to maintain scent
  • Though washable, the mop pads wear over time with excessive use

Final Verdict

The BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam is a rational marriage between a powerful core and a heated sanitizing component. Vacuuming and steaming simultaneously will make you wonder why in the past you ever decided to split these tasks in two, and their performance guarantees that your floors are not only clean but free of germs as well. BISSELL has a storied history of creating dynamic vacuums, and the Symphony does not stray from this impressive reputation. It is a cost-conscious tool that can be used many times due to its remarkable longevity, with its efficiency never in question.

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