Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

A luxuriously soft set of bedsheets and pillowcases. Cooling, eco-friendly and available in multiple colors, these sheets will upgrade your bedroom and improve your quality of sleep.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets Top Features

  1. Made from viscose derived from bamboo, which is sustainable to produce as well as naturally soft and incredibly comfortable.
  2. Breathable, light and moisture-wicking fabric make them about 3 degrees cooler than the average bedsheets. Comfortable and cool all year round.
  3. Naturally stay clean and free from odors and allergens, so you save money and water washing them less and they always smell and feel freshly cleaned.
  4. Bamboo is more sustainable and eco-friendly than cotton, so you can feel good about your purchase.

First Impressions

I was immediately impressed by the softness of these sheets. The fabric is easily as soft or softer than Egyptian cotton sheets. It feels so great to lay down on sheets made from 100% bamboo – and not only when they are brand new. Even after a week of use my bed feels and smells like everything has just been washed. It’s like staying in a hotel every night. The sheets are also noticeably cool and less stifling than other sheets – I never wake up sweaty or overheated.

It feels good knowing that my sheets are greener than a standard cotton choice. I also use fewer chemicals and less water on them than I would on other sheets because they are so naturally fresh and repel allergens without any harsh chemicals. Because they are so naturally soft, though, they do need to be handled more delicately than other kinds of materials. I wash mine on the gentlest setting and air dry them to avoid wear and tears.

I did have some issues with this sheet set when it started getting colder at night – they do not keep you warm like a cotton or flannel set will, and lose some of their comforts when it is colder. However, for the warmer seasons or for someone who lives in a warm climate, these sheets are perfect. You wake up feeling refreshed every morning.


  • Greener, more eco-friendly option than standard cotton sheets
  • Soft fabric blend
  • Repel odors and allergens
  • Feel clean every use
  • Come with a lifetime quality guarantee


  • Much more expensive than cotton sheets
  • Not a warm option for colder nights
  • Not necessarily long-term quality – some users have reported signs of wear, ripping or discoloring after short-term use

The Final Verdict

These are soft, comfortable, luxurious sheets that continue to feel cool and fresh all night. They are great for someone who has trouble sleeping in stifling cotton sheets or who can get too hot in the night. They are designed to wick away moisture and not retain scents.

If you have sensitive skin, the Cariloha sheets are a great choice for you. They are naturally allergen free and don’t need a lot of harsh chemicals to keep clean and smelling fresh. The soft fabric feels great and doesn’t go scratchy and stiff after a few washes.

That said, there have been some customer complaints about the sheets wearing down after washing or storing them. The bamboo viscose fabric is naturally soft, so it does not hold up as well as cotton or other materials. It is possible that the sheets will rip or begin to fray in time, especially if they are not handled delicately. For someone with a busy schedule, who does not have the time to care for fragile bedsheets, the Cariloha sheets are not ideal.

Other than that, I would recommend these sheets for anyone looking for a great night’s sleep. They will keep you cool and relaxed. They always feel good to climb into and are tough to get out of the next morning. They come in a few different neutral colors, to fit the vibe in your bedroom. And, maybe most importantly, they are a better option for our planet than normal, cotton sheets. All things considered, a set of Cariloha bamboo sheets are a great investment.

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