Century Versys VS. 1 Fight Simulator Review

This Century item is a “fight simulator” or more along the lines of a training partner if you want to look at it that way.

As you’ll see in this review, I came away very impressed with all of the things this Fight Simulator can do; so let’s get right into it!

Century Versys VS. 1 Fight Simulator Review

The Century Versys VS. 1 Fight Simulator is a great way to start getting in shape with your home gym.  It’s tailored to martial artists and those who may be training in kickboxing, tae-kwon-do, or something along those lines.

The bag has a vinyl shell and it comes with a sand base that is already filled so you don’t have to worry about that hassle.

Century advertises this as a bag that’s great for all levels and I agree with that assessment. This bag is easily used for speed, endurance, training your technique, and can be used for aerobic conditioning as well.

The bag has a very large striking surface for all types of techniques and it can really simulate a lot of uses.

The Versys VS. 1 gives you everything that you would get from a free-standing bag, however, it also adds in many applications that I’ll go over when I talk about my experience using it.

First Impression

When I got the Century Versys VS. 1 Fight Simulator; I wanted to put it through all of the tests and uses that are advertised when looking at purchasing a bag. SmartMMA, an authority in the niche said on their website that this punching bag is best suited for apartments, so I wanted to put their claim at test. Century says you can perform a full range of combination strikes and gives 9 uses for the bag.  Elbows, Knee Strikes, Boxing Combinations, Low Kicks, Punching Sit-Ups, High Kicks, Takedowns, Plyo Jumps, and Ground and Pound techniques.

I have to say that the Fight Simulator performed well in every single one of these 9 uses. The bag rebounds naturally when doing any kind of kicks or strikes and I was impressed by its ability to be used for so many different things.  Even things like Plyo Jumps, you can really get creative with this bag to get even more out of your purchase.

If you have a lot of power and you want to keep punching or repeatedly striking the bag, you may have to put it into a corner or in a walled area to keep it from repeatedly falling down. The handles are a nice touch for things like knee strikes or grappling techniques. It should be clear that this isn’t a heavy bag, however for cardio and the purposes listed above, I was extremely happy with the workouts I got in using this item.


  • Can use upright or on ground for MMA style techniques
  • Bag is heavy enough that it won’t tip over right away
  • Base stays stable on the ground
  • Has handles to practice knee strikes and grappling
  • Do not need to fill base
  • Easy assembly
  • Can be used for all kinds of different techniques
  • Bag moves as you practice – simulating a sparring partner


  • Bag can get “stuck” tilted to a side from time to time
  • Not a heavy bag – can be knocked over with significant power

Final Verdict

People absolutely love the Century Versys VS. 1 Fight Simulator and I agree with the general consensus. This is a great training tool that has so much versatility, it’s hard to even sum up all the uses you can get from it. Because of that versatility, and because of the ease you can move this bag with and put it in many different places, it gives you a ton of workout possibilities that you rarely see combined into 1 piece of equipment.

There are concerns with how easily the bag could get knocked over, especially if you have some power behind your strikes, however, this isn’t meant to simulate a heavy bag – it’s more for cardio work, reaction time, and can definitely be used to train when learning combinations or things of that nature. I loved the VS. 1 Fight Simulator during my use, and if you have the need for a versatile & easy-to-use bag, I would definitely recommend this to you.

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