IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078300 Review

Irwin is a long time manufacturer – creating superior tools for the professional tradesman. This item is a vise-grip self-adjusting wire stripper which stripes wires perfectly each time. The 2078300 has a main purpose of stripping wires that are 10-24 AWG. The Vise-Grip self-adjusts, but also has a knob that allows for mini adjustments – especially under 20 AWG. The wire crimper is able to do a lot of different sizes including 22 AWG insulated, many non-insulated wires, and terminals that are in between 7 and 9 mm.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078300 8″

It weighs in at 6.4 ounces and measures 2 x 4 x 11 inches in size. ProTouch Grips are a feature on this item that Irwin has designed and really allow for a lot of comfort in your hands when using the wire stripper. This is a highly rated item and Irwin is a trusted manufacturer at this point so you can rely on a quality product from them.

This Wire Stripper can handle all different kinds of wire including speaker wire, telephone wire, and normal electrical gauge wire. I was able to use the wire stripper as needed multiple times once I got it, however many people online tend to think that the Klein version is better than this one and I wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I would say the Irwin Wire Stripper works about 95% of the time, which obviously you want 100%, but I wouldn’t say this is a bad tool either.

The crimping is handled between the 2 handles, and that’s not the most efficient set up while you’re working – but again, it does work. It didn’t take me too much strength to use the tool, which can be a concern for those who may be older or just may have less natural hand strength. I actually liked the feel and how the tool seemed to work, even though there has been some feedback online that goes the opposite way.

I felt that this tool was a lot better than regular simple strippers that you may see on the market place. Those cheap items do not feel quite as good as this one did in my hands.


  • Self-adjusting mechanism
  • Wire crimper crimps 7-9 mm terminals, 22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated,
  • Durable for use over a long period of time


  • Some complaints about individual items needing to be returned

First Impression

Irwin has built up a lot of trust since they started out all the way back in 1885, and I believe this is a continuation of that. The vise-grip self-adjusting wire stripper should make users feel confident they are getting the right fit each and every time. Toolsduty said in their review that stripping wires from 10-24 AWG with this should be easier than ever, and they were right!

The wire crimper featured isn’t always the most comfortable, but it does crimp three different categories of wires for multiple uses. The handles feel good for use – even if you are using these for long periods of time. The ProTouch Grips are a really nice feature here. One of the best things about this Wire Stripper is that it can handle many kinds of wire. While there are some complaints online about individual products, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive and I tend to agree with that sentiment. Irwin Tools has a warranty as a part of this product and always provides their customers with the highest quality and service possible.

Final Verdict

Most professionals are going to feel comfortable with these wire strippers in their hands and that is a positive sign – if I were going to use these over the next few years, I may also recommend taking a look at the Klein models; however if you were to make a purchasing decision and you went with these, I don’t think you would regret it.

It should be noted that some consumers complained about the stripping and crimping capabilities as well as minor stories of hands getting cut up from the handles. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to those; as some will always have their preferences, but for the price, Irwin seems to have a solid entry here.

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