K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed Review

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

The K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed is a solution for pets to catch their beauty sleep in the maximum amount of comfort available, while enjoying the extravagance of a heated bottom.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed Review

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed

Washable Cover

Besides being resistant to stains and scratches, the cover can be removed with a few zips and washed to extend its life and keep its softness and color.

5 Foot+ Length Electrical Cord

Because the bed itself is to be heated to serve its purpose, a nearby outlet is necessary. However with the length of the electrical cord being 5 and a half feet long, it is easy to situate and maneuver in even the most awkward of living spaces.

Dual Thermostat

When 4 watts of juice flows into the pad, temperature can reach over 100 degrees, ensuring your cat is beyond comfortable while resting.

Fast-Acting Heat Coils

Plugging in the bed creates a nice and toasty atmosphere in just about 20 minutes, guaranteeing even picky cats are satisfied in no time.

First Impressions

K&HAfter acquiring the K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed, my initial observation was just how pleasant and relaxing the pad seemed for a cat. With a circular design, it beckons to my feline to lay down and take a nap. The circumference is snug and inviting, and the bed is soft as silk. Most animals prefer to be in a confined space to feel a sense of security, and it delivers this attribute in spades. For this aspect alone it is beneficial for shy breeds. The walls of the pad are thick but still offer a liberal amount of movement in case your animal is a little larger. A polyfill pillow makes up the bottom, and retains its shape even after the cat has moved on or temporarily ventured outside the confines of the walls.

Obviously with a heating device, the Thermo-Kitty is conducive to colder nights, but in reality, it is a bed fit for all seasons. Like most cats, mine prefers to feel warmth at all hours of the day, regardless of the ambient temperature. Their body heat can rise up to 15 degrees with its use and can do so in just a matter of minutes. If your cat needs a hotter climate to relax, this is a huge bonus, however, its luxury is far more than offering pinnacle relaxation. The heated cat bed is also a valuable tool for cats that are in heat. When a feline is experiencing heat, it is exceptionally difficult to get them to relax and calm down. Pet behavior analysts have cited that warming their bottom is efficient at easing their nerves and causing them to go to bed instead.

My furry friend can occasionally get a little messy, between accidents or shedding. Because of this, it is a wonderful selling point that the Thermo-Kitty can be tossed in the wash and not fade or wear out. In fact, even aggressive soaking in cold water has not altered the state in which I acquired it. The process to clean it thoroughly simply necessitates unzipping two areas; the walls and the bottom. The heater obviously must be removed before it comes into contact with liquid, and the foam should be taken out as well. When assembling the pad after a no heat spin in the dryer, the foam realigns quickly since the space in the walls is purposely limited. This not only makes it painless to replace, but also shapes it back to its original form.


  • Available in two vastly different color schemes, Sage and Mocha, to seamlessly blend into your decor
  • Offers both a 16 inch and 20 inch diameter to comfortably accommodate various cat sizes
  • Requires only 4 watts of power to fully function at peak performance
  • Certified and tested to meet USA/CA safety guidelines by MET labs
  • Cover is removable to swiftly take off and wash when necessary
  • Pad remains warm consistently above the temperature of the room, being 12 to 15 degrees higher than the average gauge
  • Light in weight to shuffle between rooms with no strain on the person carrying it
  • Compact for storage when not in use or bringing it on the road
  • Heater is removable if summer temperatures do not require its service


  • Limited warranty only available for 1 year
  • Cover and electrical component not suitable for outdoor use and must be kept inside at all times
  • Though it can house a myriad of smaller body shapes, it is not ideal for larger breeds
  • If the heater incurs any damage, it cannot be swapped with one that provides more watt power
  • Harsh detergents and heat during washing and drying can adversely affect its appearance
  • High walls to climb into and out of are not a good fit for old and aging cats or felines suffering from arthritis
  • Heat feature is not battery based, meaning it has to be next to an outlet to function

Final Verdict

The Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed is a frustration-free buy because it can be up and ready for your pet to use in less than half an hour. Plugging the heater into the wall begins raising the warmth of the pad in just minutes until it reaches its designated optimal comfort zone. The bed requires minimal maintenance, and even when it is called for, is a fairly routine process that is painless to get the hang of. Of all the various pet products available, it is one of the easier to pack for travel or put away when not needed. The Thermo-Kitty is invaluable when it comes to treating cats to a more pleasant and reassuring sleeping arrangement, especially if they prefer to rest alone.

K&H’s track record of impeccable feedback and reviews puts consumers at ease and delivers an item that serves several practical purposes. The materials are built to last for years, and since your animal will always need a space to sleep, is a pad that will continue to demonstrate its value in the future over and over.

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